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This website is for the Dog Lovers.

It is written by me, a dog lover!

● With pictures of cute puppies that will delight you
● Funny dog photos that will have you in stitches
● Heartwarming stories about rescue dogs that will move you
● Memorials to dogs that will have you reaching for a handkerchief
● Great training tips to help you solve problems with your dog
● Lots of dog videos that you will find entertaining

With monthly contests that can be entered for free, your dog dog can be a winner!

We hope that you will enjoy this site as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

This site is inspired by Bandit, a purebred Pekingese and Cookie, the most loveable rescue dog you’ll ever want to meet!

The video below shows Bandit watching TV and barking at horses he sees on it. He barks at, and attacks, the TV any time animals appear on it. He will sit and watch a movie for 30 minutes of more, just waiting for some kind of animal to appear on the screen. When it does, he charges the TV!

Cookie can also be seen in the video. She is growling at her own reflection in the glass of the entertainment center!

Thank ExtremeRingDogs, they contact many of their customers who contact us and offer us so many interesting dog videos and stories. ExtremeRingDogs is an online wholesaler firm of dog products; they also plan to organise events with us in the future. I believe we can offer better services to dog lovers together.

Here’s one of our favorite rescue dog stories:

In 2004 we rescued a greyhound named Arthur from a race track.

We lived in Nashville, TN, and while on vacation in Florida we saw an advertisement for a rescue group called Friends of Greyhounds, which save dogs from a local dog racing track.

We went to see the greyhounds and fell in love with Arthur. Arthur was two years old when we welcomed him into our family, he is now almost eight. He is the best thing we’ve ever done, and our family is complete with him! I would recommend rescuing a dog to anyone and everyone.

It’s amazoning that, I began my small business just because of Arthur. Things happened in the second year since we had rescued Arthur. In order to buy clothes and other supplies for Arthur, I find a online store, which actually is a online wholesaler of dog products. All their products are great and have reasonable price. But they have MOQ, so I have to buy many products with a cheaper price. My daughter suggested me why don’t you sell the goods Arthur don’t like. It sound good, so I start a store on ebay. Now I work for it full time.

Greyhounds make great companions, they are calm, loving, and have huge personalities. Arthur steals the hearts of everyone he meets, and some of our friends now come by just to see him. I think Arthur knows he was rescued and he often rewards us for doing it.

It’s been a wonderful experience and I think everyone should have this mutually-satisfying experience!

There are millions of perfectly good dogs like Arthur looking for homes.

Please visit our Rescue Dogs page to read about some of them.